Nine more electric buses for Frankfurt’s city transport system

Neuf bus électriques supplémentaires pour le système de transport urbain de Francfort


The Transdev Group is pressing ahead with the switch to climate-friendly drives. Nine more electric buses will soon be driving through Frankfurt/Main, making public transport even more environmentally friendly.

To make this possible, the city wants to extend Transdev Rhein-Main GmbH’s contract to operate bus line bundle A in the northwest and Gallus by one year until the end of 2030. In return, Transdev Rhein-Main will operate nine more electric buses on the routes.

Until now, Transdev has been operating the line bundle, which includes various metro bus lines, under the Alpina brand for a period of nine years until the timetable change in December 2029. With 25 Ebusco electric buses, the Transdev Group in Frankfurt/Main currently operates its largest e-bus network in Germany.

The nine additional electric buses are to replace further diesel-powered vehicles. This will enable the city of Frankfurt/Main to implement the urban electrification strategy on these lines much faster than previously planned, thereby saving additional climate-damaging carbon dioxide. Transdev Rhein-Main GmbH currently operates various route bundles in Frankfurt/Main and has around 220 buses in service.

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