“Guerilla” marketing tactics by Transdev in Portugal to encourage more sustainable mobility

Pare-brise avec amende

This week Transdev Portugal carried out a “guerilla” marketing actions in the transit network of Aveiro that consisted of distributing “fines” for parked cars in the city center.

The message was clear: “Dear citizen, you have been fined, due to using a private car, which is one of the least sustainable urban mobility options available. How to pay your fine: opt for more sustainable forms of mobility, such as public transportation.”

With these “fines” Transdev Portugal is aiming to draw commuters’ attention to a more sustainable urban mobility option, encouraging the use of public transit solutions instead of the private car. To encourage a modal shift, Transdev included a free public transit round-trip voucher with the “fine”. The voucher is valid between the 7th and 13th of February, giving everyone the opportunity to try – completely free of charge – Transdev’s Aveirobus services (the public transit network of the city of Aveiro, operated by Transdev).


We wanted to use an unconventional marketing activity to surprise and even shock car users in order to raise their awareness of alternative and more sustainable transportation modes like public transit. No one is happy to see a “fine” on the windshield of their parked car, and we hope that when the driver realizes it is not a fine, but simply a friendly offer for a more sustainable way to move around the city of Aveiro, we hope that they will smile and consider using public transit for their next journey.

Sergio Soares, CEO of Transdev Portugal

This guerilla marketing action is in line with the company’s commitment to promoting a reliable, safe, and innovative mobility that supports the energy transition. It is a continuation of the response to the climate situation that the company initiated in 2018 with the inclusion of a number of zero-emission electric buses in its Aveirobus fleet.

Homme tenant un ticket à la main à un arrêt de bus. Bus qui arrive Aveiro-Sem Portugal
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