Committed to environmental performance, Transdev France obtains the “Objectif CO2” certification


The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) offers to support transportation companies in a global approach in the fight against global warming and to reduce CO2 emissions, via the “CO2 Objective” charter, in line with the conclusions of the Grenelle Environnement (an open multi-party debate in France that brings together representatives of national and local government and organizations (industry, labor, professional associations, non-governmental organizations on an equal footing, with the goal of unifying a position on a specific theme).

This French national certification commits voluntary companies for a period of three years to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their fuel consumption. Last July, several Transdev subsidiaries undertook to act by signing the charter: Transdev Drôme and Trandev Île-de-France with CSO, Autocars Tourneux as well as the Ecquevilly, Rambouillet and Houdan operations were all included.

In order to follow this certification process, the companies concerned must focus their efforts on at least four levers: the fuel consumed, the vehicles used as well as the drivers and the organization of the company. To do this, they will be able to rely on an online tool allowing them to establish their action plan and assess their CO2 emissions.

Transdev Drôme successfully completed the endeavor having just validated its 2020-2022 action plan and obtained the Objectif CO² certification issued by Ademe. The teams of our interurban subsidiary – which operate Citéa, Valence Romans Displacements and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional lines – were already committed to the environment, in particular with the change of the heating method in their workshop, the installation of  LED lighting in their building, or the reorganization of the vehicle maintenance plan.

From now on, the monitoring of fuel consumption is no longer done only in relation to the vehicle, but also taking into account each driver. An analysis of the data then makes it possible to individually target the objectives to be achieved. According to Transdev Drôme’s action plan, 100% of new employees will have to be trained in eco-driving by 2021 and 13% of the fleet must run on compressed natural gas for vehicles (CNG) by 2022, thanks to the CNG station which was installed in the depot in 2020. Soon, six CNG coaches will enter service.

The Transdev Drôme operation is also committed to limiting its paper consumption, in particular by laminating the documentation given to drivers to allow its reuse. The digitization of the company was also part of the project linked to the CO2 Objective Charter and the teams now have mobile phones, indirectly reducing paper use.

Thanks to this three-year action plan and these new working methods, Transdev Drôme believes that:

  • 70,066 liters of fuel can be saved;
  • 87,763 kg of CO² , or 7.8% of its emissions, can be avoided;
  • Over € 68,000 in savings are possible.

In order to communicate internally on these changes, Noël Barriol, Director of Transdev Drôme, intends to analyze and transcribe this data, in order to display it regularly in the premises, so as to enhance the work of the teams.

We salute these strong commitments made by our subsidiaries; great initiatives that will allow future developments aligned with the Group’s environmental policy.

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