Conflans-Sainte-Honorine depot in France receives its first CNG vehicles


Transdev in Île-de-France (the Paris region) is continuing its commitment to the energy transition of vehicles and depots by implementing concrete solutions, adapted to the types of service in its various regions.

Initiated and funded by Île-de-France Mobilités (the Public Transit Authority in the Paris region), this transition involves 3 major axes:

  • Reducing emissions from existing vehicle fleets (use of GTL or HVO fuels);
  • The deployment of electric bus systems;
  • Development of the CNG sector.

In the Île-de-France North zone, this energy transition is materialized by the switch from the TVO Argenteuil depot to electric, while those at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and TRA Villepinte are switching to CNG.

Transdev Conflans has already received four standard vehicles out of the ten vehicles expected this year (9 standard and 1 articulated). Thereafter, ten vehicles per year, over 4 years, should be delivered. Charging equipment, meanwhile, will be put into service in November, to allow time for teams to install ticketing and the operating assistance system (SAE) on board the vehicles. In total, 54 standard places and six for articulated vehicles will be available in slow charging, as well as two fast charging places.

For its part, the workshop continues its compliance process for finalization in mid-December. The first drivers will be trained from mid-November.

Conflans - Véhicules GNV (2)
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