#ChooseSustainableMobility! From September 16 to 22 is European Mobility Week


Encouraging as many people as possible to adopt a long-term eco-citizen approach by favoring soft and alternative modes to the private car is the theme of this 19th European Mobility Week. With more than 800 electric buses and minibuses in 9 different countries, Transdev is the leading European mobility operator… So how can we not put our involvement in the spotlight? Throughout the week, we distribute small quizzes on all of our social networks to bring attention to public and low-carbon transportation. Thanks to the hashtag #ChooseSustainableMobility, we hope to help promote sustainable travel. It is in everyone’s interest and it is at the heart of our WHY.

At the same time, an internal campaign was deployed to thank the professionalism of Transdev employees during this complex period. Seeking to be as realistic as possible, we have combined portraits of our drivers and actual quotes from our passengers.  We are proud to be committed to the energy transition and to promoting social equity.

How can we help you to move forward?