A better urban environment one year after the launch of 145 electric buses


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One year after Transdev deployed 145 new electric buses in Gothenburg, Mölndal and Partille in western Sweden, on 13 December 2020, on behalf of regional transit authority Västtrafik, the climate and environmental benefits are now clearly visible. A halving of nitrogen dioxide emissions and a 10% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions are some of the positive effects that electrification has brought about over the past year. The nitrogen dioxide savings are equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 8,000 average cars.

Exactly one year ago, Transdev launched the largest electric bus fleet in the Nordic region in Gothenburg, Mölndal and Partille with a total of 145 electric buses on behalf of Västtrafik. According to Västtrafik’s forecasts, emissions of the health-damaging nitrogen oxides in bus traffic have almost halved, from 108 tons in 2020 to 58 tons in 2021 since the launch.

According to data from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, these nitrogen dioxide savings are equivalent to the emissions from just over 8,000 average cars driving 1,100 miles per year, which is the average distance a car drives each year in Sweden.


These are fantastic figures, while it should be remembered that emissions from our bus traffic were already very low. We are now continuing to work towards the goal that all public transport in cities will be fully electrified by 2030.

Hanna Björk, Sustainability Director at Västtrafik

In addition to nitrogen oxide emissions, there are also large differences in carbon dioxide emissions. They have decreased by 10 per cent over the year, from 16,500 tons in 2020 to 14,500 tons in 2021. The electric buses have also had a positive effect on particulate emissions. Over the year, they are estimated to have decreased by around 19%, from around 900 kilos to 730 kilos.

These are very encouraging figures that come as a reward for all the work that the launch of the electric bus fleet has required in 2020. In addition to quieter cities, our drivers also enjoy a better working environment with reduced noise and vibration. We are proud to contribute to building a more sustainable city.

Anders Ekman, General Manager Gothenburg, Mölndal, Partille at Transdev Sverige AB

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