More than 300 new fossil-free buses to northern Stockholm in 2022


More than 300 new fossil-free buses will be introduced in the northern suburbs of Stockholm when Transdev starts operating bus services in two new traffic areas in August and November 2022 . The order includes approximately 40 new double-deckers that will connect two areas with the Stockholm Technical University.

“It feels great to introduce new buses in northern Stockholm. It is important for us to offer reliable, safe, comfortable and sustainable mobility solutions to our passengers. That we chose Volvo and MAN is no coincidence. We have worked with them before, they live up to our expectations and work with sustainable supply chains, which is important for us and our clients, » says Mattias Galante, responsible for the start-up project at Transdev.

The new buses are fossil-free (fueled by RME, a biofuel produced from rapeseed oil), accessibility adapted and offer better comfort for passengers with USB sockets at each seat and free WIFI. Manufactured by Volvo and MAN, the buses will be delivered on an ongoing basis throughout 2022 and will enter service when Transdev starts operating bus services in August 2022 and in November 2022.

Facts about the more than 300 buses:

  • 200 Volvo buses most of them are 12-metre and 15-metre long buses of type 8900 RLE and about 40 double-decker buses of type 9700 DD;
  • 120 MAN Lions City 18 buses.

About Transdev in the Stockholm Region:

Transdev currently operates bus services on behalf of the Stockholm Regional Transit Authority (SL) in Märsta, Sigtuna, Upplands Väsby and Vallentuna, and from April 15, 2022 will also operate Roslagsbanan (a commuter rail line). Transdev’s subsidiary Blidösundsbolaget operates a shuttle boat service between Ekerö and Stockholm in the Lake Mälaren and 21 of Waxholmsbolag’s vessels in the archipelago service. Since 2021, Transdev operates night trains between Stockholm and Berlin via Copenhagen and Hamburg with its Snälltåget brand.

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