Württembergische Bus-Gesellschaft wins route bundle in Neuffen

Württembergische Bus

In Germany, Württembergische Bus-Gesellschaft mbH (WBG) has succeeded in winning the competition in Neuffen (Esslingen district).

WBG has been awarded the contract for the Neuffen line bundle in the Stuttgart transport association (VVS). The transport contract starts on September 1, 2023, and runs for nine years until 2032. Ten buses and 17 employees are to be deployed in the driving service for 600,000 timetable kilometers per year. One bus will be fully electric. There is great joy locally about this contract, which is also strategically important. With the Tälesbahn between Nürtingen and Neuffen operated by Württembergische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft mbH (WEG), rail and bus services will once again be under the joint umbrella of Transdev, which will bring many advantages for passengers. Even though the short time until commissioning is a major challenge.

We are happy that we will be able to use the Neuffen bus hall ourselves again from September. This new contract is an important success, because the second wave of competition is pending in the VVS, and Transdev would like to win further tenders.

Friedrich Boehringer, WBG Managing Director

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