Witte Kruis receives contract for organ transport in South and West Netherlands


The Dutch Transplant Foundation (NTS) has awarded Transdev subsidiary, Witte Kruis, the contract to provide organ transport, including transport of transplant teams, in the Southern and Western Netherlands starting on 1 January 2022. The contract for the Southern part of the Netherlands is final, the contract for the Western part still provisional. Witte Kruis is the largest acute care organization in the Netherlands.

The NTS’s mission is to help patients transplant a donor organ or tissue. This requires that there are enough good donor organs and tissues and that the (transport) process around the donation is carried out carefully. Respect for donors and their families is central to our work. Because only their cooperation makes transplantation possible. The NTS supports the medical professionals in donor hospitals and transplantation centers in the Netherlands.

We are very honored with this assignment. Witte Kruis is happy to comply with the principles and mission of the NTS. Organ and tissue donation are a very important social issue to which we as an organization would like to contribute. The transport of organs and the associated specialist transplant teams is a meticulous process that can literally be of vital importance. We will therefore do our utmost to provide the highest level of service. We look forward to a good and fruitful collaboration with the NTS.

Marcel van Pijkeren, Commercial Director Witte Kruis


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