Transdev US partners with Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority


Transdev US is excited to announce they entered into a new partnership with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to manage the ADA paratransit eligibility certification process.

In addition to supporting its various clients with safe, sustainable and innovation mobility solutions, Transdev is leveraging its extensive experience with paratransit and the related ADA eligibility process through its Mobility Options business line.

We look forward to helping clients, like VTA, further support their eligible passengers obtain the certification they need to access the appropriate ADA-designated transportation solution and ensure the qualification process is as seamless as possible.

Our Mobility Options business, just like everything else we do, centers around our commitment to the passenger experience.

By combining our technological expertise with our promise of providing outstanding customer service, delivering accurate and consistent determinations and achieving an efficient process – we have created a great offering to our ADA passengers and our clients.

W.C. Pihl, senior vice-president of Business Development for Transdev U.S

Transdev currently operates several ADA paratransit eligibility programs across the United States. The company is investing more in this service offering, through its Mobility Options business line, so interested clients can benefit from Transdev’s team of subject matter experts and their technological and innovative system, which allows for increased visibility through a more streamlined and accurate certification process.

Our goal is always to provide our passengers with the freedom to move through safe, innovative and efficient transportation solutions. Through our Mobility Options by Transdev business line, we are excited to share our knowledge and best practices with the VTA.

W.C. Pihl, senior vice-president of Business Development for Transdev U.S


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