Transdev Sweden will continue to operate regional transportation in Gästrikland

Bus X-trafik in the Region Gävleborg.

The contract for regional transportation in the province of Gästrikland has now been awarded. Transdev Sweden was renewed to continue operating the service from December 2023 and for 10 years on behalf of X-trafik, the regional transit authority, and Region Gävleborg.

Transdev Sweden also currently operates the regional service and with the signing of the new contract, it will run the bus service in the county until 2033. However, the urban traffic in the city of Gävle is not included in the agreement and will be run by another operator until June 2030.

We are really looking forward to continuing to operate and develop the traffic in Gästrikland together with all employees and our transport operator X-Trafik.

Fredrik Beckius, Business Manager at Transdev Sweden

Today, a total of around 60 buses are in operation in the regional traffic in Gästrikland, including the city traffic in Sandviken. 14 of these buses will continue to be used in the coming years, while 47 completely new electric buses have been ordered for the start of traffic in December 2023.

The scope of the 10-year contract is in line with the scope of the existing contract, which is SEK 1.5 billion.

In the coming contract period, we want to achieve increased travel on public transport by making it even more reliable, simple, accessible, safe and secure. This is where we will have our main focus.

Fredrik Beckius, Business Manager at Transdev Sweden

Facts about Transdev in Gästrikland:

  • Approximately 2.6 million trips are made every year
  • Includes approximately 60 buses
  • Approximately 5.5 million kilometers per year
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