Transdev New Zealand keeps Wellington on track

Thierry Mallet Weellington

Greater Wellington Regional Council and Transdev representatives mark the Wellington train contract renewal: Nigel Corry (L-R), Cr Thomas Nash, Thierry Mallet, Daran Ponter, Melissa Anderson, Brian Brennan, Matthew Chote, Ian Ladd and Peter Lensink.

Transdev will continue to run Wellington trains through until 2031 after retaining the contract for the metro passenger rail service.

Greater Wellington Regional Council of New Zealand announced the successful contract renewal with Transdev and Hyundai Rotem this morning.

Transdev Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thierry Mallet, who toured Wellington operations today, said the renewal was recognition of Transdev’s outstanding rail performance. 

We’re proud of this heavy rail extension for Wellington which is testament to the strong and collaborative partnerships Transdev has grown right across New Zealand.

Transdev takes great pride in these long-term partnerships and we see more opportunities ahead to leverage our global expertise to help shape the Kiwi rail experience.

Thierry Mallet, Transdev Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 

Transdev Australia and New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Brian Brennan agreed said it was exciting to continue to help shape Wellington’s future.

Wellington is a city on the move and our local team has been very engaged and worked hard to improve the train network on all fronts since Transdev came on board in 2016

This extension reflects our commitment to support Metlink in delivering rail reliability and improved customer service.

Brian Brennan, CEO of Transdev Australia - New Zealand

Transdev Wellington Managing Director Ian Ladd said electric rail investment had economic and environmental benefits. 

Transdev is committed to a 30% reduction of emissions by 2030

This contract renewal also means a lot to more than 400 of our local people who keep the network running from driving trains, cleaning them to helping customers.

Our maintenance partnership with Hyundai Rotem and relationship with the Rail Maritime and Transport Union has also been critical in improving train services.

Ian Ladd, Managing Director 

  • Transdev has lifted average punctuality from 91.8% (2012-2015) to 96.8% in 2019-2023.
  • Service reliability has also greatly improved from an average of 94.9% (2012-2015) to 99.2% (2019-2023).
  • These measures have also improved the average distance between train failures for the fleet, increasing from an average of 46,000km (2012-2015) to 85,800km (2019-2023) and train availability of 100% (for 2022-2023).
Thierry Mallet signature

Greater Wellington Regional Council Chief Executive Nigel Corry with Transdev Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thierry Mallet.

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