Major bus contract win for Transdev Germany in Mayen-Koblenz


Verkehrsbetrieb Rhein Eifel Mosel GmbH (VREM) has recently won tenders for the operation of three large route bundles with over 80 bus routes in the Mayen-Koblenz district. This involves scheduled services in the Rhine-Mosel transit network in the cities of Andernach, Boppard, Koblenz and Mayen, among others.

The two other route bundles will go to the Zickenheiner company. From the timetable change in December 2021, around 180 new buses will be on the road on the left bank of the Rhine in the entire Mayen-Koblenz area for ten years under the brand name Verkehrsbetriebe Mittelrhein.

Around 270 employees will be needed for this major contract.

This is a very important and strategic success for us.

Henrik Behrens, Managing Director Bus of Transdev Germany

Local Manager Chafek Zerhouni and his committed team have succeeded in competing in the region with an attractive concept developed over several years. With élan and a breath of fresh air, we want to offer passengers modern local transportation from December 2021.

Core elements of the new transit services and the accompanying improvements include good connections between routes at certain intersections, increased frequency especially on weekends, a new night bus service and modern low-floor buses with WIFI on board.

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