Transdev Dublin Light Rail awarded ISO 50001


Transdev’s Light Rail network in Dublin, Ireland (TDLR) was awarded certification in ISO 50001 – Energy Management by SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, earlier this year. This is the first time TDLR has achieved this standard.

This day is 15 years in the making and it is teamwork which got us here today. This certification not only shows our commitment to our client but also to the wider community, Luas commuters and Dublin City. The energy projects which we intend to work on will be innovative and lead the way. Since ISO 50001 is the energy management standard that is recognized worldwide it enables us to demonstrate our commitment to energy improvement and to demonstrate we are top in class when it comes to energy management.

Eoghan Sweeney, Chief Performance Officer

Transdev’s Light Rail network in Dublin has committed to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 30 % and a 32.5 % improvement in overall energy efficiency by 2030. As a result, TDLR has undertaken a full review of operations and maintenance and compiled a list of opportunities for improvement for the most energy-intense processes in the business. A feasibility study is completed for any potential projects identified. Projects teams are now formed to get the projects implemented as efficiently as possible.

Discussions are being held with the wider teams in TDLR on an ongoing basis to identify future energy efficiency projects that will help Transdev’s Light Rail network in Dublin to achieve the ambitious targets it has set for 2030 and beyond. This will also ensure it is always implementing best practices and delivering top class energy efficiency.

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