Styrsöbolaget wins the river transportation in Gothenburg

Eloise ferry in Göteborg

Styrsöbolaget, which is part of Transdev Sweden, has been awarded the ferry service across the Göta River.

The agreement extends from December 2025 and 15 years ahead. The win means an extension of the current agreement, which is also operated by Styrsöbolaget.

It is of course extremely gratifying that we are given renewed confidence, but it is also proof that the operations we conduct are reliable, sustainable and cost-effective.

Bertil Pevantus, CEO of Styrsöbolaget.

When the new agreement enters into force, all six ferries will be powered by electricity, which not only means that traffic will be quieter. Emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful particles will also disappear completely to the delight of both travelers and residents in the surrounding area.

We look forward to electrifying the traffic across the river and in the long term also the traffic we operate in Gothenburg's southern archipelago.

Bertil Pevantus, CEO of Styrsöbolaget.

The ferry service across the Göta River is a central part of public transport to connect the city and relieve road traffic. Every year, more than 3 million passengers travel on the ferries across the river.

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