New Wellington bus service to take flight in 2022

Bus verts du réseau Metlink Wellington Nouvelle Zélande

Inhabitants in Wellington, New Zealand will soon have an easy and convenient way to get to the Airport, with a new 7-day bus service set to commence services from July 2022. The service, funded by Greater Wellington Regional Council and delivered by Transdev subsidiary, Mana Newlands, will operate on the Metlink network and support Snapper ticketing.

Metlink General Manager Scott Gallacher says the new service will provide thousands of people with safe, convenient, affordable and reliable access to the airport.

With a new service part of the overall Metlink network we’ll be able to see passenger journey data, exactly who is connecting to the service and from which parts of our region. This will help us make adjustments to our bus and rail network and target our resources better to meet demand from our communities.

Scott Gallacher, Metlink General Manager 

The new service will be operated by Mana Newlands by Transdev, with the company being awarded the six-year contract as part of a competitive tender.

Transdev subsidiary, Mana Newlands CEO Craig Chin said the company was thrilled to have been chosen to operate the service which will service 11 stops between Wellington Station and the Airport.

We’ve been a part of the local community for more than three decades and the expansion of our services to the Wellington Airport is a very exciting one. The last two years have been tough for many families and businesses, and we are very much looking forward to helping people to reconnect, particularly as international travel resumes.

Craig Chin, CEO Mana Newlands, Transdev subsidiary 

Mana Newlands by Transdev currently operates bus services in Newlands and Tawa. Transdev also operates rail services in Wellington. Both are under contract with the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Transdev New Zealand Chief Officer, Greg Pollock, said the new service would provide a high level of customer service.

Public transportation is all about people serving people, and there’s nothing that beats the warm welcome for those who are coming home or visiting our city which is what our Mana team will provide. We are excited to be delivering a cleaner, greener and comfier service for passengers with the route serviced by a dedicated fleet of ten new zero emissions electric buses.

Greg Pollock, Transdev New Zealand Chief Officer

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