New trains for Transdev in Bayern in Germany


From June 14, 2020, a new vehicle fleet will improve train traffic in the Bavarian Oberland.  Bavaria’s Minister of Transport Kerstin Schreyer together with President of the Landtag Ilse Aigner, and Tobias Heinemann, CEO of Transdev Germany officially introduced the fleet exchange on May 25th at the train station in Holzkirchen. 

The new, more modern vehicles bring real added value.

Kerstin Schreyer, Bavaria’s Minister of Transport 

The first nine new vehicles will start on the small timetable change on June 14, 2020. Another 16 will be added by the end of August. For the major timetable change on December 13, 2020, the entire fleet with a total of 31 new vehicles is to be in use. 

Fewer cancellations, more punctuality, longer trains and additional connections – that’s good news for all passengers on the routes from Munich to Lenggries, Tegernsee and Bayrischzell. The exchange of fleets is an important step towards modern mobility in the Oberland. We can use this to bridge the time until the lines are fully electrified.

Ilse Aigner, President of the Landtag

The new « LINT » trains, which will operate under the BRB umbrella brand in the Oberland in the future, have been in use across Europe for years and are very reliable and significantly quieter than the previous fleet. Despite diesel engines, they emit significantly fewer pollutants than before. They can also be coupled with one another as required, which means that they can be extended as required.

This is a unique thing in Bavaria so far. It is particularly important to us to underline our claim as a quality provider in local rail transportation.

Tobias Heinemann, CEO of Transdev Germany

The fleet exchange is part of a future-oriented overall concept and quickly makes noticeable improvements possible. In the coming years, further measures will be implemented to gradually improve the rail infrastructure in the Oberland. Among other things, outdated signal and signal box technology is being modernized and several level crossings are being renewed. After all, the goal is to fully electrify the Oberland network by the end of this decade and to enable the 30-minute cycle in the long term.

Of course, I’m particularly happy for our passengers, for whom we can finally travel around our home region again with attractive driving comfort. Our new trains offer state-of-the-art passenger information systems, free WiFi, sockets in every seating area and, of course, powerful air conditioning systems for pleasant travel in every season.

Fabian Amini, Managing Director of Bayerische Oberlandbahn GmbH

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