Mâconnais Beaujolais Agglomération renews its trust in Transdev

Transdev Mâconnais Beaujolais

In Mâcon, Transdev Mâconnais Beaujolais renews its public service delegation for a five-year contract.

At a meeting of the Mâconnais Beaujolais Agglomération Community Council on Thursday April 4, 2024, Mâconnais Beaujolais Agglomération renewed its trust in Transdev Mâconnais Beaujolais for a new Public Service Delegation (from July 2024 to June 2029): a further five years to continue operating the Tréma network and support the Agglomération in a new mobility project.

The challenges for Transdev MB and the Tréma network are considerable:

  • Implementation of a new, denser network
  • Creation of two additional lines, including a second free shuttle bus
  • Implementation of a new image and marketing policy
  • Support for the conurbation’s ambitious energy transition project

The target for 2029 is a fully carbon-free fleet, comprising 6 minibuses, 3 midibuses and 2 standard electric buses, as well as 9 standard hydrogen buses. The negotiation sessions were constructive, with the Agglomération praising our ability to meet its expectations.

We are proud to continue our mission for the Mâconnaise Conurbation, and of the trust placed in us by its President and Mayor of Mâcon, Jean-Patrick Courtois.

Thank you to the entire team who came to defend and negotiate our project: Ludovic Jourdain, Alexandre Periès, Jasmin Deschamps, Sylvain Ferret and Virginie Gardey, under the guidance of Loïc Rossignol. Thanks also to all those who have supported us in the regions and at head office. Let’s get on with 2029!

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