Lindbergs Buss; Transdev subsidiary in Sweden extends contract & introduces new vehicles


In early July the first taxis departed from the depot in Örebro, Lindesberg, Karlskoga and Nora in central Sweden marking the starting point for the new agreement between the local transit authority, Länstrafiken in Örebro and Transdev’s subsidiary, Lindbergs Buss. Intensive preparations form the basis for service trips to flow as smoothly as possible for customers.

The new agreement is valid for five years until June 30, 2025. Lindbergs Buss, which has been a part of Transdev since 2019, has previously operated service trips in the area for a five-year period. The new agreement now also includes an expanded service area with the locations of Karlskoga, Kopparberg, Nora and Lindesberg.

I feel honored to have received the transit authority’s continued trust and confidence. We defended the entire business we have today and break new ground, which is very exciting. We have longed for the start of traffic. Preparations have been going on for several months and it has been a long process of appeals in, among others, Karlskoga. It is a huge project to get everything in place and we have worked hard to make everything flow as smoothly as possible.

Lena Bauman, Business Manager Mälardalen, Transdev Sweden

New vehicles and specially trained drivers

New for customers is that Lindbergs Buss enters into the agreement with 70 new vehicles, eight of which are stretcher vehicles with stair climbing equipment. With the help of stair climbing equipment, the customer can remain in the wheelchair when it is lifted into the car. The vehicles have all the functions required by the county of Örebro to meet load capacity and good comfort for customers.

All drivers are specially trained to best meet and help people with different types of needs, conditions and wishes. They are certified to handle the vehicles and are trained in, among other things, stretcher training, stair climbing training, CPR, in driving softly and in good handling.

A brand name change to Transdev will take place during the contract period.

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