ISO9001 certification for Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems team



Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems obtains ISO9001 certification.

The Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems (ATS) team is proud to announce its ISO9001: 2015 certification for its field: providing technologies and services to deploy and ensure the autonomous mobility.

Being ISO9001 certified ensures the ATS team to demonstrate its quality-based level on international certification, as well as overall visibility of its processes and controls.

The ATS team has decided to undertake the ISO9001 process to certify its know-how by monitoring the implementation of its main indicators, and by complying with a simple efficient quality guide for all its departments. Thus, ISO9001 certification recognizes the ATS growth and efficiency

With ISO9001 certification, the Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems team proves its ability to anticipate its needs, and optimize its processes, by evaluating risks, opportunities, and decision-making.

The ISO9001 vision is currently integrated into the way the ATS team works and all the processes and documents to be followed make it possible to recognize the requirement level.

As always, the ATS team remains focused on its missions providing solutions and technologies to transport operators to deploy and operate autonomous vehicle fleets on a large scale.

Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems therefore confirms its commitment to a process of constant improvement and performance.


BV_Certification_ISO 9001-2015 (002)
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