Flygbussarna Airport Coaches by Transdev offers the best service 2018


On the evening of April 25, ServiceScore Sweden presented awards to the Swedish companies offering the best service. In the “Land Transportation” category, the company Flygbussarna Airport Coaches by Transdev Sweden received the highest customer reviews.

When ServiceScore for the seventh consecutive year measures how Swedish consumers experience the service they receive, it was Flygbussarna Airport Coaches by Transdev that received the highest ratings in the “Land Transportation” class. In the category, other reputable Swedish transportation providers such as Arlanda Express and Swebus were also nominated.

Airport Coaches by Transdev have been working purposefully with the customer experience for several years and to provide customers with a personalized and friendly service. Work with an increased customer focus in all parts of the company and seeing the entire customer journey has provided new valuable insights.

We are very proud of this award and would like to thank our customers who gave us great reviews. Thank you also to our customer service hosts and drivers who do a great job every day. This award is their doing.
Camilla Tienso, Marketing Manager at Merresor.

About the survey

ServiceScore Sweden, for the seventh consecutive year, recognizes companies, authorities and organizations that are best at service. The winners are selected based on the answers from a national representative survey, where over 3,300 people aged 18-79 have answered questions about how they perceive different levels of service.

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