A new tramway for Le Havre (France), a revitalized network for the city


Le Havre’s new tramway was inaugurated on December 12 2012. As a symbol of the city’s renewal, the new system is part of a two-and-a-half year effort by the community’s public authority (CODAH) to modernize its transport system.

A strengthened, more efficient transportation system

Tramway enables the network to better connect all the passengers of the city.

The tramway’s commissioning is part of a comprehensive restructuring of the community’s transportation network, begun in 2010 by Transdev’s Marketing & Territories Department working with the local teams of CTPO (Compagnie de Transport de la Porte Oceane). The network had been the focus of a Transdev Mobility Observatory review in November 2010 to better understand the needs and expectations of users and non-users and identify challenges and opportunities for increasing the system’s attractiveness. An objective was set to make every effort to offer a true alternative to private car and increase customer loyalty.


The new network, renamed LiA, includes:

  • 5 High Service lines (Tramways, Funicular, High Service Bus) with a frequency of 5 to 15 minutes and extended hours,
  • 6 main bus lines, connecting to the tramway and regional express lines andlines with downtown connections, with frequencies from 15 to 25 minutes,
  • 5 additional regular service bus lines offering local service and connections with the essential downtown lines,
  • 1 simplified, customized line serving the industrial and port area,
  • 2 transportation on demand lines: Fil’Bus for surrounding towns linked with the regular network and Mobi’Fil for persons with reduced mobility,
  • A new range of services: Park and Ride, bike parks, automatic transport ticketing… and soon an e-shop.

This restructuring enables:

  • effective integration of tramway and bus,
  • a “conveyor” effect, across the urban area,
  • an extension of the coverage and frequency of service, responding to the Observatory results showing that 85% of travelers are willing to walk five minutes further to use a bus passing twice as frequently,
  • better connections between the main towns of Le Havre’s metropolitan area,
    more efficient connections to large shopping centers, new neighborhoods and the Port and Industrial zone.

Tramway key figures

  • 13 km for two north-south lines
  • 23 stations,
  • 1 tunnel of 575 meters,
  • 22 train cars and 250 people per car,
  • 56,000 trips per day,
  • 1.1 million kilometers annually
  • 19 km/h commercial speed kilometers annually,
  • 90,000 people living within 5 minutes of a station,
  • 1 unique electronic ticket valid on all new network services,
  • 50,000 m2 of grass, 500 additional trees
  • 28 tons of CO2 per day avoided through electric system
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