the new connected driver platform

MobiMe is a mobile application dedicated to drivers, facilitating exchanges between operators and drivers and engaging drivers in the overall performance of the company.

A few key points

  • Easily accessible: MobiMe is available everywhere. It can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and AppStore. You can use it at work or at home, on your computer, tablet or phone
  • Easy to use: MobiMe has a modern interface, and a clean layout. The application has been designed with the current ergonomic standards
  • Communication oriented: with instant updates and notifications. The MobiMe digital driver platform is an ideal starting point for the digitization of daily actions and exchanges with operators.

One definition and shared group objectives

  • Planning consultation
  • Leave requests
  • Exchange of services
  • Operation messages to drivers
  • Documentation
  • Taking/ending of service
  • Preparation
  • Voluntary overtime work
  • Break exchange
  • Surveys
  • News feed
  • External links
connected drivers in 2022

Value creation for all stakeholders

For operators

  • More time for local managers and planners
  • Manager refocused on higher value-added missions (field presence, indicator monitoring, etc.)
  • Help in complying with social regulations

For the company

  • Modernization of the company’s image
  • Optimization of processes

For the employee

  • Empowerment of the driver
  • Improvement of the link/communication with the driver
  • Work comfort
  • Transparency in the follow-up of requests

For the client

  • Improved quality of service (fewer missed runs, driver punctuality)

For the local area

  • Reduction of the carbon footprint:
    • Decrease in the volume of paper
    • Reduction of the driver’s travel kilometers (long distance)