Encourage learning about mobility through games and immersion with Mobi.deep in Lens.

Knowing how to get around is not innate, it has to be learned! Behavioral changes require time and support in an educational approach.

Within the framework of Lemon®, the Mobility Experimentation Laboratory of Artois Mobilités, Tadao and Transdev, we are testing with Mobi.deep, a serious game for training in daily mobility.


Using immersive headsets, participants are immersed in urban, suburban and rural environments in virtual reality in which they carry out itineraries by making choices of routes, modes of travel and implementation of travel assistance systems.


Immersed in realistic interactive travel situations, participants discover practical problems: preparing their itinerary with Google Street View and a GPS, buying a ticket from a ticket machine and passing through the validator, reading a network map and a city map, or borrowing a self-service bicycle.


The pedagogy is that of “déjà fait – déjà vu”: the immersive experience, which the person can repeat at will, then facilitates the implementation of effective behaviors in reality.