Operated by Transdev Colombia

Bus à Haut Niveau de Service rouge - Transmilenio Transdev Bogota bus biarticulated bi articulé rapid transit BHNS BRT

Transmilenio is providing a bus rapid transit solution to 2,4 million passengers per day and serves the main arteries and points of interest of the city, among others,  from and to the El Dorado airport, to Bogota’s historic city center and to the outskirts.

We are committed to deliver high operational standards and safety to our passengers. The commercial speed of the bus rapid transit is a key element of its success to convince the car users to get on board of the public transportation and escape the heavy traffic jams.

With Ciudad Movil as the first operator to introduce bi-articulated buses in Bogota, we have this specific experience of mass public transportation with articulated and bi-articulated buses. We are operating one of the largest bus rapid transit networks worldwide.

of fully dedicated lines
and 9 intermodal hubs
daily passengers