Operated by Transdev Colombia

Téléphérique TransMiCable rouge avec montagne et habitations en Colombie

We are committed to operating the best combination of public transportation modes, adapted to the territories. Cable cars systems are an efficient way to over pass topographical obstacles as angled slopes. We believe that this kind of zero-emission solution can reduce the use of private cars and optimize the journey of the passengers. 

To achieve this goal, we are entirely focused on meeting our passengers’ requirements, accompanying them in their commuting using the cable as a first mile / last mile solution. Because it is only by understanding their expectations that we can offer innovative services, tailored to their needs guaranteeing their comfort and safety.

With its four stations, the TransMicable network will serve a southern Bogota district called “Ciudad Bolivar” located in the landscape of the Andes Mountains. This first urban cable car system is connecting 700,000 residents to the Transmilenio bus rapid-transit network and improving its integration into the capital. To ensure the successful launch of this new mode of transport, a large-scale social program is also being implemented.

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