Transdev Canada

We offer Canadians sustainable mobility solutions in a country where distances are immense. Bringing Canadians closer together and providing them with efficient public transit are therefore our short- and medium-term objectives.

In Quebec, in the Belle Province, the Transdev team has nearly 1,000 employees. They operate 550 vehicles and provide more than 700,000 hours of service in more than 100 municipalities, school boards and intermunicipal transit councils.
Transdev offers multimodal transport solutions to different cities and communities in order to meet the specific needs of each city, village or community served. We offer a wide variety of specialized services depending on our client. Our school, adapted transportation, urban and interurban buses cover a total of 30 million kilometres per year in the province, connecting Quebecers to each other.


In Ontario, Transdev Canada is based in York, a suburb of Toronto. The York team has more than 300 employees. They cover more than 8 million kilometers annually. More than 130 buses are operated by Transdev Canada in York. They operate on 33 routes that include both school and express transportation, urban public transit and community buses.

kilometers covered annually