Transdev Group : Ethics and compliance standards

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At Transdev, we develop mobility solutions which aim to simplify people’s mobility. Our purpose is to empower freedom to move every day thanks to safe, reliable, and innovative solutions that serve the common good. This places us at the heart of everyday life in territories. It makes us a key player committed to serving the common good, general interests, developing local services and protecting the environment.

Transdev performs these tasks relying on its tens of thousands of employees who, at all-time and anywhere in the world, act and make decisions in accordance with strong ethical principles.

These individual but shared principles, in line with our values, complying with the recommendations of our shareholders and with guidelines to which Transdev subscribes, such as the Global Compact, shape the Group’s image and contribute to the relationship of trust built with our various partners.

Whatever our position in the company, we must keep them in mind and apply them every day, to help us in our choices and to ensure consistency in our actions and words.

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