Intermodal networks


Intermodal networks

In 2013, congestion on Europe’s roads increased by 6% while drivers in North America’s 10 most gridlocked cities wasted an average of 47 hours—more than the typical work week—sitting in traffic, compared with 42 hours in 2012. Rampant urbanization continues to compound demand for mobility solutions. More than half of the world’s population already lives in towns and cities. People in North America will be doing 40% more mileage by 2030. In New Zealand, the city of Auckland expects its population to grow by one million people by 2050, by which time—failing a radical change in transit policy—the city will be completely paralyzed by traffic congestion.

94% of elected officials and department managers interviewed in France through a 2014 IPSOS survey for Transdev said improving intermodality was either a priority (74%) or important (20%).

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