European Manifesto: Rethinking European citizens’ daily mobility

European Manifesto Rethinking European citizen's daily mobility

At a time when the European Union is facing multiple challenges that could widen the social and democratic divides, it is imperative to make everyday mobility a priority for the new European mandate.

The Green Deal has set ambitious decarbonization targets for 2030 which have not been coupled with a suffi cient fi nancial commitment to public transport. However, reliable and accessible solutions are ready to be deployed quickly in peri-urban and rural areas, where the most modest Europeans live.

  • Even before being an environmental issue, mobility implies social and regional challenges that the EU must integrate into its climate policies.
  • To gain public acceptance, the ecological transition inevitably requires support for the most vulnerable households and the reduction of regional disparities. By deploying transport solutions adapted to each local constraint, public transport addresses just transition challenges, a central element of the Green Deal. In parallel, boosting the attractiveness of the mobility professions is also a lever for integration and employment in local areas.
  • The electrification of individual vehicles as well as buses and coaches has been identifi ed as the core driver for reducing transport CO2 emissions in Europe. We are convinced that this strategy must encompass the carbon footprint of vehicles, from manufacturing to battery recycling and lithium extraction.
  • A truly controlled energy transition and the recapture of our industrial sovereignty mean that all its components must be produced in Europe.
  • As a global leader in mobility, Transdev Group is poised to address this threefold ecological, social and industrial challenge alongside Europe’s local authorities. Through the proposals in this Manifesto, Transdev wishes to propose ideas for discussion in view of the upcoming European elections and of the Commission’s next term.


Thierry Mallet Transdev Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer

European Manifesto

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