Transdev wins urban transportation contract in Utrecht (Netherlands)

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Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) – June 19, 2024 – The Province of Utrecht (Netherlands) has just awarded – for 10 years – to Transdev, the multimodal public transportation concession covering the bus and light rail network in and around Utrecht city center, operated under the U-OV brand.

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    The contract, which will be taken over in December 2025, represents a total value for Transdev - over its entire duration - of around 1.7 billion euros.

    Utrecht is the only city among the four largest in the Netherlands - including Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam - where public transportation is awarded by tender.

    • The total value of the contract is €1.7 billion, for a total operating period of 10 years.
    • 50 bus lines and 3 light rail lines make up the Utrecht city center networks.
    • All buses will be zero-emission by 2028.
    • Transdev will invest €350 million in the project.

    This victory, to the credit of Transdev's teams in the Netherlands, further extends our Dutch footprint. All the modes we already operate there - light rail, electric buses and coaches, trolleybuses, trains, cabs, ambulances and autonomous vehicles - are an illustration of our commitment to local authorities everywhere in the world. We bring people and regions closer together. We do this with tailor-made mobility solutions that complement each other.

    Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev Group

    As part of the contract, Transdev will replace by 2028 the entire current bus fleet with zero-emission electric buses (mostly articulated and bi-articulated), with an overall investment of over 350 million euros, including 250 new electric buses and the takeover of the existing fleet of around 50 electric buses.

    In the urban zone, awarded to Transdev, the network comprises 50 bus lines, carrying over 30 million passengers a year. In addition, Utrecht’s light rail network comprises three lines with a total length of 18.3 km and 54 trainsets, carrying over 9 million passengers in 2023.

    Transdev already operates 15 light rail networks* worldwide, carrying over 314 million passengers a year. Even before taking over the Utrecht network, the Group plans to launch two new light rail lines in 2024: in Sydney (Parramatta, Australia) and in Ontario (Canada) with the Hazel McCallion line.

    *Australia, France, Ireland, Morocco, Spain, Sweden, USA.

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