Transdev wins Luxembourg light rail operation assistance contract in a consortium with Transamo and Semitan

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Luxtram S.A., the company responsible for planning, developing, installing and operating light rail in the city of Luxembourg, chose Transdev, in a consortium with Transamo and Semitan, for the operation assistance contract for the city’s future light rail.

Luxtram, which will be the country’s first light rail system, will serve the city of Luxembourg, currently with a population of a little over 110,000. Among others, it will connect the airport, station and Kirchberg, where the city’s European institutions are located, along a North-South axis. The city’s increasing urban density, traffic levels with hyper peaks along the major mobility corridors and saturation of the existing modes are at the heart of this project’s design.

The three-year contract will enable the Group to provide the full breadth of its expertise to Luxtram S.A. in order to guarantee the transportation system’s exploitability and maintainability, and implement the necessary structure for operation and maintenance. The Nantes (France) transportation network, a European reference for mobility, will provide the future light rail network with its operation safety experience, as the network sponsor within the consortium.

A world first, over the 3.6 km city center section, Luxtram will use an in-ground, fast charging system at the stops. This innovative solution eliminates the need for overhead contact wires and protects the architectural environment of the city’s old quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Luxtram S. A. will open an initial segment of the line for commercial service as early as September 2017. Ultimately, the complete 16.2 km line will have 15 stops, nine interchanges and 32 CAF 42-meter vehicles for an estimated ridership of 40,000 passengers a day

This new contract is demonstration of our ability to capitalize on the quality of Transdev's cumulative experience with light rail, whether in terms of the experience acquired through expertise transfers, initial commissioning of new light rail lines, or the ability to provide a price in line with transit authorities' expectations and needs,
Laurence Broseta, Director France for the Transdev Group

About Transamo

Created in 1994, Transamo assists its customers with planning and steering their public transit projects (BusWay®, light rail, tram-train, metro and heavy rail), as well performing audits and optimizing the operation and maintenance of their transportation network. Transamo is a company with two public transit operator shareholders: Transdev Group and STIB (Société de Transports intercommunaux de Bruxelles).

About Semitan

Semitan is a mixed private and public sector company that operates the transportation network for Greater Nantes. It acts on behalf and under the control of Nantes Métropole, its transit authority, and for the past 35 years has fulfilled multiple everyday missions. With its bus, light rail BusWay® and Navibus lines, it serves the 24 municipalities of Greater Nantes and has depots throughout the region. In the past few years, Semitan has experienced ridership growth of between 3% and 4% across its network, and in 2013 transported more than 126 million passengers.

About Transdev

A subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia, Transdev is a world leader in mobility. Transdev guides and supports local transport authorities from pre-project phase, to project support and development, to everyday operation of transport networks. With 83,000 employees in 20 countries, the group operates 43,000 vehicles and 22 light rail networks. In 2014, Transdev generated €6.6bn in turnover.

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