Transdev Sweden wins ferry contract, valued at close to €110 million, in the Stockholm archipelago

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The regional Public Transport Authority of Stockholm (Stockholms läns landsting – SLL), announced on December 4, 2018 that it has awarded to Blidösundsbolaget, a Transdev Sweden subsidiary, the operation of a new ferry contract in the Stockholm archipelago. This 9-year contract will begin in December 2019 and confirms Blidösundsbolaget as one of Sweden’s largest ferry companies for archipelago operations.

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    This ferry contract includes the operation of 15 ferry lines starting from Stockholm via Vaxholm to large parts of the archipelago, including Sandhamn, a highly touristic area. Blidösundsbolaget will operate the routes all year round with 18 ferries including three historic steam boats. Today, approximately 1 million trips per year are made in the area. The contract, worth around €12 million per year, is the second and largest of four ferry operations to be awarded in the Stockholm archipelago in 2018 and 2019. The first one was also awarded to Transdev Sweden.

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    The multi-year contract also includes the management of the onboard restaurants in the steam boats and of all the cafes in the other ferries, as well as technical maintenance. The contract focuses on quality, technical competence, development of the traffic performance and has set high ambitions on sustainability.

    The PTA decision can be appealed up to the December 14, 2018.

    We are very proud of the trust and confidence placed in us. We already have several contracts with the Public Transport Authorities in Stockholm for our Blidösundsbolaget in the north of the archipelago and in the Lake Mälar area. This is the third contract we have won this year in Stockholm for ferry operations. Thanks to this new contract, Transdev has become one of the largest Swedish ferry companies for archipelago operations.

    Gunnar Schön, CEO of Transdev Sweden

    Blidösundsbolaget has a long-lasting experience. We will continue to be a long-term and stable partner for the Stockholm Public Transport Authority. Over the years, our passengers have recognized us as a highly reliable ferry company with a very high level of service. We have 96 % customer satisfaction in the Vaxholm area.

    Niklas Oscarsson, Business Manager at Blidösundsbolaget

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