Transdev launches “The Mobility Sphere”, a think tank dedicated to mobility and urban transformation

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Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) / Amsterdam (The Netherlands), July 6, 2023 – Transdev, a world-leading transportation operator, is pleased to announce the launch of “The Mobility Sphere”, a think tank which aims to explore and shape the future of mobility in Europe.

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    Designed to address the main trends and challenges that will define European mobility in 2050, the think tank brings together a community of experts — across the academic, public and private spheres — to craft innovative solutions for the cities of tomorrow. 

    Cementing Transdev’s position as a forward-looking mobility leader, the Mobility Sphere plans to launch an online platform, “50 Questions for 2050”, that navigates 50 key issues that will transform mobility in Europe’s urban spaces by 2050.

    Each year, the think tank will host high-profile events in major European cities to bring together public and private experts who are the driving forces behind the transition towards more livable and sustainable cities.

    The Mobility Sphere Forum, the think tank’s first event, will be held on October 4, 2023, in Amsterdam, covering the theme of “Decarbonized mobility, mobility for all: what kind of future do we want for mobility?” In the heart of Amsterdam, the forum will bring together over 150 experts from several European countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, United-Kingdom and Sweden.

    Headed by Thierry Mallet, Chairman & CEO of Transdev Group, and Antoine Grange, CEO Europe of Transdev Group, the think tank has appointed François Gemenne — a leading expert in environmental geopolitics and author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — as Scientific Advisor.

    As a world leader in public transportation, Transdev champions innovative solutions for more sustainable and inclusive mobility. By creating the Mobility Sphere, we wanted to take this mission a step further by providing a platform for climate experts, urban decision-makers, and social scientists to rethink stronger public transportation systems for the cities of tomorrow.

    Thierry Mallet, Chairman & CEO of Transdev Group

    We are delighted to launch this think tank to rethink and transform the way we move. Because we share, in Europe, a common political and economic framework, we must join forces with experts across the continent to redefine the future of our public transportation systems — and, therefore, our societies.

    Antoine Grange, CEO Europe of Transdev Group

    I am proud to partner with Transdev to address the critical role of public transportation in decarbonizing our economy. Transdev’s global reach, coupled with its expertise in a wide range of mobility solutions, makes it a trusted partner for cities and communities to decarbonize the transportation sector and all aspects of urban life.

    François Gemenne, Scientific Advisor to the Mobility Sphere

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