Transdev and authorities commit to service improvements at Mont Saint Michel


Transdev is implementing transport and parking improvements for local residents and visitors at Mont Saint Michel, adding to the 30 million euros it has invested in the community since 2009.

Despite the unprofitability of the contract, Transdev is continuing tofulfill its commitments for providing services for tourists, residents and employees working on the site.

As part of the project to restore the maritime character of France’s historic Mont Saint Michel, the local public authority (Syndicat Mixte Baie du Mont Saint Michel) has entrusted Transdev subsidiary, Compagnie des Parcs et des Passeurs du Mont Saint Michel (CPPMSM), with responsibility for visitor reception, vehicle parking and the transportation of tourists, residents and employees working in the community. Since being chosen in 2009 to receive the 2.5 million annual visitors to Mont Saint Michel under a public service delegation, Transdev has invested 30 million euros on parking and purchases of buildings and vehicles.

Following the initial commissioning in April 2012, visitors and local authorities had identified new additional needs, particularly for a change in the location of the departure point for parking shuttles. Transdev is responding positively to these requests and has signed an addendum to the original contract with the public authority resulting from a dialogue between all parties. Under this amendment, Transdev is reducing the distance visitors must walk to reach the parking shuttle by 900 meters and is covering two-thirds of the cost of this service improvement. The amendment anticipates recovery of the costs of the additional services and investments through changes in the rates for parking transport services, which will still remain comparable to rates at other major tourist sites.

As a second step, Transdev also will be reviewing most of the demands from the local community, including lower ticket prices, free evening access to the parking lot at the “La Caserne” commercial and service hub and reduced day time prices for access to La Caserne.

These latest developments are the result of a working group of companies, residents and Mont Saint Michel employees organized by the CPPMSM under the aegis of local authority president, Laurent Beauvais.

All travelers can now be transported from the parking lot to the Mont Saint Michel arrival platform, located about 390 meters from the walls. Following completion of work on access ways and the opening of a crossing in spring 2014, the distance will be reduced to 290 meters.

The move of the shuttle departure point also has enabled optimization of the transport system, avoiding the obligation for the doubling of shuttles reserved for residents and site employees. Under a new system developed by CPPMSM, adapted transport will be offered, including a dedicated shuttle, reserved for use in high season with regular departures. During the rest of the year, preferential access through transport on demand shuttles will be available via a phone located at the foot of the Mont (including night service between 1:00 am to 7:00 am).

In addition, daily horse-drawn shuttle service, known as”maringotes,” began on June 3.

In providing all of the conditions needed for top service, Transdev is working to ensure that tourists, residents and employees are transported smoothly. The Group reserves the right to initiate action necessary to enable the free movement of all parties.

About Transdev

A subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia Environnement, Transdev is one of the world’s leading public transport companies. 

Transdev advises and assists local authorities, from pre-project to daily operations of public transport systems to project management. With 101,000 employees in 27 countries, the company operates 50,000 vehicles and 23 tram networks. Transdev generated revenues of 7.6 billion euros in 2012.

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