Something new in car sharing: the SUNMOOV’ service in Lyon’s Confluence district


A new 100% electric car sharing service powered by solar energy

On October 15th 2013, an innovative car sharing service using solar energy and quick-charge points will be launched in the eco-district of La Confluence, Lyon.

As part of the “Lyon Smart Community” demonstration project (led jointly by Grand Lyon and NEDO) Transdev, through its subsidiary Proxiway – specializing in car sharing – has been chosen to develop this service in partnership with the Toshiba group.

SUNMOOV’ will use carbon-neutral energy and charging stations, which will be fully powered by renewable energy, supplied by the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône.

As from the last quarter of 2014, solar energy produced by solar panels installed on buildings in the Confluence district will allow the charging of the entire fleet of SUNMOOV’ vehicles. Such global energy management, realised on the scale of an eco-district, is a first in France.

SUNMOOV' service

  • Urban: these petite, aesthetic cars each have four seats (the Citroen C-Zero, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Peugeot iOn) and are adapted to city travelling, with a boot capacity of 166 liters.
  • Comfortable and Smart: equipped with air conditioning, radio, CD player, USB port and Bluetooth connection.
  • Autonomy: embedded Lithium-ion batteries will allow for an autonomy of up to 120 km.
  • 100% electric – 100% eco-friendly: quiet, clean and powered by solar energy ,the SUNMOOV’ service encourages citizens to leave behind their personal cars for day-to-day trips.
  • Smart: the ?EMS system developed by Toshiba Solutions coordinates energy production and consumption, ensures the availability of electricity at any time and identifies if a vehicle requires to be charged by a normal or quick charger.
  • Available: quick-chargers allow the charging of a car within half an hour, whilst 8 hours is required for a normal charger. Three stations will be equipped with quick-charge points. They will significantly improve the availability and use of the SUNMOOV’ fleet. The use of quick-charge points via public roadways, for a car-sharing service, is a first in France.
  • Guided: built-in I.T system with a SUNMOOV’ touchscreen interface, GPS navigation, vehicle report available via touchscreen interface, call center contact at the touch of a button, automated display of available parking spaces when returning the car.
  • Accessibility: available to all drivers with a valid driving license, with no age limit.
  • Easy to use:
    > Pre-registration online, via the web site or by visiting the SUNMOOV agency in La Confluence;
    > Delivery of an access card by mail or by visiting the SUNMOOV agency;
    > Internet booking (possible up to just a few minutes before departure time, depending on the availability of vehicles);
    > Unlocking of car via access card;
    > Identification via the SUNMOOV’ interface inside the vehicle;
    > And let’s go!
  • Affordable: for individuals and for businesses.
    For individuals, 5 € per half an hour, without subscription (which includes rental car, energy use, unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance and 24/7 assistance). Monthly subscription of 12 € per person (at a reduced price of 4 € per half an hour).
    For businesses, prices vary depending on the number of employees: 4 € per half an hour up to 10 employees, 3.5 € for up to 25 employees and 3 € for 25+ employees.
    In all cases, the first half an hour is charged at a flat rate, beyond which the tariff is then calculated per minute.
  • Special offer: For all registrations made between the 5th September and the 31st October 2013, the first month’s subscription is free.

The “Lyon Smart Community” demonstration project, implemented by Grand Lyon and NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) aims to test, using a whole district, the creation of a smart and responsible city in which new technologies are used to optimize energy consumption and reduce its impact on the environment.

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