Serge Castello appointed Transdev Group Security Director


Commander Serge Castello of the French National Police Force has been named Security Director of the Transdev Group.

Mr Castello will be responsible for defining and implementing group security & safety policy at headquarters and throughout the Transdev networks. His duties will include advising urban and interurban network managers on anticipation and prevention of public security risks.

Age 52, Mr Castello has spent his entire career in the French National Police Force. A graduate of ENSP (the French “West Point” for law enforcement officers), Mr Castello earned the rank of Police Superintendent in 1990. He was promoted to Chief Superintendent in 1997, Division Superintendent in 2003 and Commander in 2011.

Deputy Central Commissioner in Vitry-sur-Seine France (1990 – 1992), he was then appointed Assistant Chief of Security for the Val-de-Marne area (1992 – 1996), and then Chief of Security for the Villeneuve-Saint-Georges area in 1996. Head of the Public Order department of the town of Créteil (2000 – 2002), he was then appointed Chief of Staff of the Central Public Security department of the Ministry of the Interior, then Deputy Director of Public Security for the Yvelines area from 2002 to 2009. Next, he served as Deputy Director for Neighborhood Security for the Seine-Saint-Denis area, and then Director from May 2011 to September 2015.

Mr Castello’s appointment represents Transdev’s will to devote ever greater resources to protecting our passengers and employees. Serge Castello brings us the expertise we need in this area.

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