Mumbai metro line 1: one year of success and already 100 million journeys


The Mumbai metro line 1 entered service on 8 June 2014 and is about to celebrate its first anniversary by crossing the symbolic threshold of the 100 millionth passenger. This is a fine achievement for RATP Dev and Transdev which run the line jointly.


RATP Dev and Transdev teamed up in their joint venture in Asia to win a five-year contract to operate and maintain the infrastructure for the Mumbai line.

Mumbai’s line 1, at 12 km in length with 12 stations all overhead and built on a viaduct, is the first in the city, the fifth most populated conglomeration in the world with a population of 22 million. The line is part of a global project that includes at least three other lines totalling 90 km.

The line connects the city’s eastern and western suburbs and has radically changed the daily life of people who previously depended on a bus network that suffered from traffic congestion. Some passengers have saved up to two hours a day.

Average line patronage is now up to 260,000 passengers per day, which should continue to rise in parallel with the increase in the city population, estimated at 4% per year.

The line is a fine achievement and a clear reference for RATP Dev and Transdev in India, where public transport will expand. The country is likely to become one of the world’s leading markets for metro services; 500 km of lines are scheduled in the next five years.

About RATP Dev Transdev Asia

RATP Dev and Transdev field a joint venture in Asia, RATP Dev Transdev Asia, to increase their development potential. The company was established in in 2009 and is owned in equal parts by the two companies. It is intended to increase their development potential in Asia, initially targeting China, South Korea and India. In addition to Mumbai metro line 1, the company runs the historic tramway in Hong King (30 km and 118 stops), the Shenyang tramway (four lines and 60 km), 130 lines and 2,000 buses in Nanjing and environs as well as the Seoul metro line 9 (27 km and 25 stations).

RATP Group

With nearly 14 million daily passengers worldwide, RATP Group is the fifth largest urban transport operator in the world. With its 14 metro lines (including two driverless lines), two regional express rail lines, seven tramway lines and 350 bus lines, the multimodal network operated by RATP in the Paris region is the largest in the world to be managed by a single company. RATP Group exports its know-how worldwide in engineering thanks to Systra (a subsidiary jointly owned by RATP/SNCF), in operations and maintenance through RATP Dev, its subsidiary with operations in 14 countries, and in innovative services promoting mmobility through its subsidiary IXXI. RATP Group has nearly 60,000 staff worldwide and in 2014 generated revenue of €5.25 billion.

About Transdev

A subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia Environnement, Transdev is one of the world leaders in mobility services. Transdev operate 13 modes of transport: metro, tram-train, tramway, coaches, buses with a high level of service, transport for disabled passengers, ferries, buses, shared shuttles, taxis, car-pooling and self-service bicycles. With 83,000 employees in 20 countries on every continent, the group operates 41,000 vehicles and 22 tramway networks. In 2014, the group transported 3.5 billion passengers and generated revenue of €6.6 billion.
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