Hong Kong tram celebrates 110 years


July 18, 2014

The Hong Kong Tramway, operated since April 2009 by the Transdev RATPDev joint venture, Hong Kong Tramways, is celebrating its 110th anniversary.

The legendary historical tram network consists of a 16-km line serving 120 stops and transporting 210,000 passengers daily (75 million passengers per year) in the densest corridor of the island of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Tramways uses 163 double-decker train cars driven by 330 conductors, with 630 employees in total.

Hong Kong Tramways is the last double-decker tram network and one of the world’s most frequented tramlines. Since its inauguration in 1904, it has maintained its competitiveness within the city’s extraordinary transport infrastructure despite direct competition from a modern subway line and dozens of bus lines. It is the mode of transportation that is the least expensive, the least polluting and the least consuming of Hong Kong’s limited space. It also operates with no public subsidy.

The tram holds a special place in the heart of Hong Kong citizens and is considered a city landmark, classified among the legendary tramways by National Geographic and a recipient of the Certificate of Excellence in 2014 from travel site Tripadvisor.

Since 2009, Transdev RATPDev has undertaken a program to improve service in close consultation with users and the government. Among the most visible elements are 38 new “Signature” trams, fully produced in its Hong Kong depot; the new RFID technology operating and control support system; the “NexTram” real time traveler information system, accessible via smartphone apps, QR codes, internet or LED displays at major stops; the establishment of less disruptive and quieter maintenance methods such as for rail renovation. Transdev RATPDev continues to implement operational and technical changes, upgrading customer service and improving frequency, comfort and safety.

To celebrate its anniversary, Hong Kong Tramways organized a series of free public events that have already attracted more than 200,000 people. These included film screenings in its depot, interior and exterior decorations of many trams, a photo and short story contest on Facebook, the complete redesign of four trams during design week (restaurant tram, school tram, darkroom tram and musical tram), concerts aboard the tram for the Music Festival,

displays of poems in trams, painting exhibitions at tram shelters, publication of a book containing unusual or moving stories regarding its staff and illustrated by a famous designer and open house days at the depot. The program culminated with a July 18 anniversary ceremony attended by numerous prominent Hong Kong personalities.

July 18, 2014 - The Hong Kong Tramway, operated since April 2009 by the Transdev RATPDev joint venture, Hong Kong Tramways, is celebrating its 110th anniversary.

The joint venture between RATP Dev and Transdev is a 50/50 partnership created in 2009 to advance potential development in Asia in urban and suburban transportation based on the two partner’s complementary strengths. The partnership aims to become one of Asia’s urban transportation leaders, leveraging Transdev’s historic presence in Asia and RATP’s expertise in engineering, operations and maintenance for major heavy transit and automated metro systems. In addition to the Hong Kong tram, RATP Dev Transdev Asia also operates the Seoul metro line 9 (400,000 passengers daily), Mumbai’s metro line 1, which entered service in June (already more than 300,000 passengers daily) and the Nanjing bus network in China (2,500 buses).


RATP Dev is a subsidiary of RATP Group, established in 2002 to develop the Group’s operating and maintenance activities in France and internationally, outside the historic network operated by RATP in the Paris region. RATP Dev now operates in 12 countries on four continents (the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, the U.S., Brazil, India, China and South Korea). RATP Dev projects revenues of 1 billion euros in 2014.

About Transdev

A subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia Environnement, Transdev is one of the world’s leading public transportation companies.

Transdev advises and assists local authorities, from pre-project to daily operations of public transit systems to project management. With 86,000 employees in 20 countries, the company operates 48,000 vehicles and 23 light rail networks. Transdev generated revenues of 6.6 billion euros in 2013.


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