Foundation Transdev supports six innovative initiatives serving professional integration


Paris, December 5, 2014

Because mobility and training are two fundamental factors in employability, Foundation Transdev has chosen to support six projects in regions where Transdev is the public transportation operator to help meet this challenge.

Foundation Transdev works alongside locally based associations to provide opportunities for all through the creation of sustainable jobs, vocational training and mobility initiatives. The foundation’s focus on people is also reflected through the personal commitment of the employees of local businesses linked to Transdev who serve as sponsors for each project.

We are impressed by the richness and originality of the projects presented to us. The associations we meet propose numerous ideas, all based on the values of sharing, ingenuity and solidarity that are particularly important in the current context of economic crisis.

Stéphanie Bachelet, Foundation Transdev Delegate General

The six initiatives serving professional integration supported by Foundation Transdev in 2015:

Moving toward employment, a platform for independent mobility

City: Antony (Ile de France)
Sponsor: Céline Pereira, Prevention manager, Transdev Regional Center – Ile-de-France South
The Foundation supports the Wimoov association whose mission is to support disadvantaged people who have difficulties in finding their way in the work environment and accessing mobility. The launch of a mobility platform in Antony will enable social entities to provide mobility advice and solutions to beneficiaries to facilitate their integration process.

Le savoir et le fer: reintegration through local heritage restoration

City: Dompierre (Ouest de l’Orne)
Sponsor: Eric Mercier, Driver / VTNI Orne
The Foundation helps the association Le Savoir et le Fer, which through educational and integration projects works to conserve and enhance the mining and metallurgical heritage of the Orne region. In helping to renovate the ovens of the La Butte Rouge in Dompierre (Ouest de l’Orne), participants are trained in “old building” masonry, a profession much in demand in the public works sector.

Training to gain independence and self-confidence

City: Sarcelles (Ile-de-France)
Sponsor: Alain Mubarak, Director / TVO Network of Valmy (Val d’Oise)
The Foundation provides funding for the Accueil et culture association’s training program whose mission is to help non-Francophones integrate into the workforce and society. The program enables participants to learn the realities of the labor market, how to write a resume that matches the needs of companies and effective presentation techniques for job interviews.

Understanding the company

City: Voglans
Sponsor: Ludovic Jordain, Director / Stac Chambéry
In Chambéry, the Ecole de la 2ème chance (E2C 73) offers an additional response to an existing training program, providing an original path of integration into companies around workshops with short films and meetings with local contractors for a realistic discovery of the world of business.
To support this important step in employability and to facilitate access to internships, the Foundation funds the purchase of professional clothing and equipment for financially disadvantaged young people.

En route to employment with a drivers license

City: Grenoble
Sponsor: Laurence Barray, Prevention manager, Semitag – Grenoble
The Foundation contributes toward the purchase of a dual-control driving school vehicle for the Auto-Ecole Citoyenne association, whose mission is to facilitate adapted learning for candidates with learning difficulties due to illiteracy or disability to help them obtain their drivers license.

The “Just for me creation,” to learn the business of design and sewing

City: Vaux en Velin
Sponsor: Catherine Loret, Assistant, Transdev QSE Center, Lyons
The Foundation supports the Oasis d’amour association, which fights against professional exclusion and helps families living below the poverty line. With the sponsorship of designers Alexis Mabille and Nathalie Chaize, the association opened a sewing workshop to teach women how to make new creations from second-hand clothing.
In 2014, as of its most recent Executive Committee meeting, the Foundation Transdev had provided € 222,000 in support of 19 new projects.

About the foundation Transdev

Founded in 2002, the Foundation reflects the commitment of Transdev, which has made serving the public interest the centerpiece of its actions since its founding. Formed through a partnership between Caisse des Dépôts, officials of Trans.Cité and the Fondation de France, the Foundation Transdev has supported 160 projects throughout France since its inception.

Foundation Transdev provides financial support to associations and social economy projects that serve the public interest, citizens and creators of social solidarity links. Its actions are made possible through the commitment of employees, correspondents and sponsors of Transdev regional networks.

A propos de Transdev

A subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia Environnement, Transdev is one of the world’s leading public transportation companies.

Transdev advises and assists local authorities, from pre-project to daily operations of public transit systems to project management. With 86,000 employees in 20 countries, the company operates 48,000 vehicles and 23 light rail networks. Transdev generated revenues of 6.6 billion euros in 2013.

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