A single smartphone application delivers complete transportation in Paris


With its new Urban Pulse smartphone application, Veolia Transdev now enables passengers to access the entire range of transportation information for Paris and Greater Paris. This opens up a new era of more fluid, boundary-free mobility. Launched in March 2012, Urban Pulse incorporates public transit information, social networking, entertainment and special offers all in a single app.

Veolia Transdev is revolutionizing personal mobility services by integrating user information about all transit modes* in Paris and Greater Paris for the very first time into a single smartphone application. With Urban Pulse, users can now find buses, metros, express metros, night buses, light rail, carsharing, bike-sharing, vehicle parking lots and river shuttles, and benefit from a planner for multi-modal routes. Once users are geo-tagged, they can immediately find the entire selection of nearby transportation solutions, including those in outlying areas, displayed on a map or in a list.

Each transportation solution is presented with handy information for user travel:

  • Multi-modal route planner;
    line/route layout (bus, light rail, metro and express metros);
  • Departure times for passenger transportation (standard and real-time schedules are available);
  • Availability of cars for car-sharing, bike-sharing, location of bike stations;
  • Frequency of river shuttles;
  • Location of taxi stands plus call numbers;
  • Vehicle parking lot opening hours and fees.

To offer these services free of charge, Urban Pulse has developed a range of partnerships, including one with the STIF (the transit authority for the greater Paris region). These services will be gradually extended using data shared by operators, publishers, transit authorities and service users.

By adding transportation to the promotion of local services and entertainment, Urban Pulse strengthens ties between service providers, users and their localities. The application helps advertise urban events and cultural expositions, displays promotional offers in shops, and makes it easy to meet up with friends to organize games and other on- and off-line activities. By interconnecting all these features, Urban Pulse gives a whole new meaning to the concept of mobility.

Urban Pulse users will progressively be able to take advantage of this service in most major cities in France, Europe and North America. Outside of Paris and Greater Paris, it is already available in Chambéry, Strasbourg, Rennes, and soon in New York, Boston and Avignon.

* Only transportation services with fixed stops, stations, terminals and parks. Ridesharing and transportation on demand services are also under consideration. Regional trains will soon be included.

** Display where conditions apply, see www.urbanpulse.fr

About Veolia Transdev

Created by a merger of Veolia Transport and Transdev, subsidiaries of Veolia Environnement and Caisse des Dépôts, Veolia Transdev is the leading global public transit operator.

Veolia Transdev advises and supports regional authorities with everything from project planning to contracting authority assistance and the daily operation of public transit systems. The company has a work force of 102,000 in 27 countries and operates 60,000 vehicles and 25 light rail systems. Veolia Transdev posted revenue of €7.8 billion in 2011.


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