Transdev awarded contract in excess of € 1.5 billion for the operation of Hannover’s regional rail network, the largest regional rail contract in the history of Transdev Germany

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Transdev Group, Germany’s largest private operator of rail and bus services, will begin in December 2021 the operation of the entire 385 km-long regional rail network in Hannover (Lower Saxony, Germany) for a duration of 12 and a half years, through its NordWestBahn subsidiary. The overall contract value exceeds € 1.5 billion.

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    I am thrilled with the trust placed in Transdev, and that our business case and customer-oriented proposal for the Hannover regional trains has been judged as compelling.

    Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev Group

    “This award will be an exceptional accomplishment for our group, and one of the largest contracts in our Group’s history. In this respect, we are strengthening our position as the second largest rail operator in Germany. We will be delivering on our promise for improved municipal rail services and will fulfill our commitments to make this critical project a success for both our clients and customers. The announcement of this award further reinforces our position as the leading private supplier of local and regional public transport in Germany” says Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev Group.

    “Winning this municipal rail contract in Hannover is a major challenge which we meet with a lot of respect and enthusiasm. It’s both an exciting challenge and an important step forward for the future of Transdev Group and NordWestBahn,” notes Christian Schreyer, Global Chief Performance & Strategy Officer of Transdev Group and Chairman of the Board of Transdev Germany. “Our successful track record in Lower Saxony and in the Bremen regional rail for several years clearly demonstrates that we can successfully operate reliable municipal passenger rail services and gain new customers.“

    The contract, which covers some 9.3 million rail kilometers a year – and carries over 30 million passengers yearly – includes 10 regional rail lines of S-Bahn type in Hannover, the capital city of Lower Saxony, connecting with Nienburg and Celle to the north, and Minden, Hildesheim, and Paderborn to the south. Operations are scheduled to start when train schedules change in December 2021, while the contract duration is set for 12 and a half years and will span until June 2034.
    Operating staff will be transitioned from the previous operator, while the train fleet will be composed of 13 existing and 64 new Stadler trains. Transdev will order the new trains of type Stadler FLIRT 160, which will offer a total capacity of 397 passengers, with respectively 180 seated and 217 standing, and will be able to reach a top speed of 160 km/h. 

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    The acquisition of new trains by Transdev, which represents an investment of around 315 million euros, will be a major tangible improvement for municipal rail passengers in the Hannover region. The operations concept also includes a number of service upgrades.

    In addition, the Transdev group announces that it will start its rail service on the Augsburg 1 diesel line next December 9; a 12-year contract with total revenues of around 480 million euros. This link, which will carry 6 million passengers per year, will be operated by Bayerische Regiobahn, a subsidiary of Transdev, and will be using 28 modern Alstom LINT trains, for an investment of over 115 million euros.

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