Transdev wins 10-year €900 million Bus Rapid Transit contract in Bogotá, Colombia

Bus à Haut Niveau de Service rouge - Transmilenio Transdev Bogota bus biarticulated bi articulé rapid transit BHNS BRT

Transdev Colombia and its local partner Fanalca have been awarded the largest of six TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lots in Bogotá, Colombia; representing an urban fleet of 440 new buses. In addition to its existing operations in Bogota, Transdev-Fanalca becomes the main system operator, with 648 buses of the total BRT fleet.

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    This contract for the operation of a BRT bus service, valued at around € 900 million, includes the purchase of the vehicles and their operation and maintenance for 10 years, beginning in May 2019. Within the contract, Transdev – Fanalca will also be in charge of building a brand new 74,000 m² depot, to ensure maintenance and parking for up to 336 buses.

    The urban fleet of 440 Volvo Euro V buses – all equipped with diesel particulate filters, reducing particulate emissions by 96% compared to the current Euro II buses – will be composed of 202 articulated buses (18m length, 180 passengers) and 238 bi-articulated buses (27m length, 250 passengers). This new operation complements the Bogotá cable car operation, with 163 gondolas, won by Transdev earlier this year. This latest deal will constitute an important intermodal hub that will allow the passengers to optimize their travel time and change from one mode to the other easily.

    Thanks to the skillful and motivated team of Transdev and Fanalca, we achieved this year to double the number of buses we are operating in Bogotá, while strengthening our close relationship with the PTA. Bogota is becoming a key example of inter-modality for Transdev Group with the operation of the cable car that will connect the hub “Tunal” with our new BRT operation.

    Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev Group
    In Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia with 8 million inhabitant, Transmilenio is the backbone of the transportation system with a daily ridership exceeding 2.5 million passengers. With the new fleet and its higher share of biarticulated buses, the Public Transit Authority will increase by 40% the capacity of its transportation system. Transdev and Fanalca have been operating the TransMilenio together for 18 years, since the creation of the BRT system.

    Transdev intends to further expand its activities in Colombia, as it will be answering the call for tender for Bogotá’s first metro line, expected to be issued in the first quarter of 2019.
    Transmilenio Transdev Bogota bus biarticulated bi articulé rapid transit BHNS BRT

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