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Issy-les-Moulineaux (France), March 29, 2021 – On the occasion of the launch today of “2021, European Year of Rail“, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Transdev, a major rail operator, is fully committed to this dynamic aimed at promoting this sustainable, safe, comfortable, affordable and inclusive mode of transport. The European Year of Rail will thus create a favorable context that will contribute to increasing the share of rail, particularly in daily passenger transportation.


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    Throughout 2021, in France and throughout Europe, several activities will put the spotlight on rail in order to encourage citizens and businesses to use this transportation mode and to contribute to the objective set by the European Union in the European Green Deal, namely to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

    At Transdev, we are convinced that the environmentally friendly mode of transportation that is rail enables us to address the issue of ecological transition and to make a massive modal shift.

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    For many years, Transdev has been investing in the rail sector, particularly in Germany and Sweden, where competition has existed for 25 years. In Germany, we are the leading private operator and we have helped to revitalize certain regions by deploying services that are better adapted to passengers' needs. We are convinced that a revitalized rail network is a prerequisite for encouraging citizens to use public transportation on a daily basis and for accelerating the ecological transition. Rail is a real tool that contributes to sustainable regional development and a reduction in the territorial divide.


    During the year 2021, Transdev will organize events around three rail themes, thereby marking its commitment to rail in Europe:

    1. June, in Sweden:
     “How to develop competitive night train services under the green deal?”;
    2. November, in Germany:
     “How can we remove the remaining barriers to genuine, transparent and effective competition?”;
    3. December, in France, in partnership with the “Régions de France”:
     “How to restore and revitalize small rural and suburban lines? »

    At a glance, Transdev’s rail business worldwide:

    • 25 years of experience, since 1997, in markets open to competition
    • 70 rail lines operated in 5 countries (France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden)
    • Over 5,500 km of tracks
    • Over 800 trains in operation
    • Nearly 200 million passengers transported per year and
    • 80 million train/kms travelled per year.

    Transdev, ready for competition in the French rail market

    In the context of the opening up of regional rail services to competition in France, Transdev is firmly positioned on this new market. With its experience in foreign markets open to competition (notably Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and New Zealand) and in France, through the operation of two lines in Brittany, Transdev will actively participate in the revitalization of the French regional rail system through qualitative offers adapted to local specifics.

    As such, Transdev is a candidate for the opening of competition in all French regions that have launched, or will launch, tenders this year and in the years to come: Sud Region, Hauts-de-France, Grand Est, Pays de la Loire, Île-de-France…

    Transdev stands out from historical monopolies thanks to its ability to optimize workplace organization, to decentralize the management of its local lines, to better adapt to local specifics and to provide greater responsiveness. Transdev will be able to offer a more qualitative and attractive service, particularly in the fields of daily rail mobility, which accounts for 90% of national passenger rail journeys.

    Multimodal transport expertise at the service of the regions

    As a specialist in multimodal transport, Transdev was one of the first operators to think about opening up cities and intermodality.

    Transdev will provide French regions with the tools they need to manage intermodality in their territories, by implementing an enhanced intermodal offer (bus, coach, light-rail and rail) for passengers, which will reinforce existing urban and interurban transport services. In this way, Transdev will bring new synergies and innovations that will help to open up the regions and make mobility accessible to all.

    Transdev is #ontherails to serve all French regions in the regulated opening of rail competition, whether these are dense urban lines, regional lines, “small lines” or even trans-European night trains (such as the Stockholm – Berlin link, which will again be operated by Transdev from June 2021).

    To discover Transdev’s rail offer, watch our video #OnTheRails.

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    About Transdev:

    As an operator and global integrator of mobility, Transdev – The mobility company – gives people the freedom to move whenever and however they choose. We are proud to provide over 6 million passenger trips everyday thanks to efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly transportation services that connect people and communities. Our approach is rooted in long-term partnerships with businesses and public authorities, and in the relentless pursuit of the safest and most innovative mobility solutions. We are a team of people serving people, and mobility is what we do. Transdev is jointly held by Caisse des Dépôts Group (66%) and the Rethmann Group (34%). In 2020, with 83,000 employees in 17 countries, the Group generated total revenues of € 6.75 billion. For more information: www.transdev.com

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