2020 Results: Transdev Group keeps its course and accelerates its transformation

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Issy-les-Moulineaux (France), March 10, 2021 – The sharp drop in ridership linked to the COVID-19 health crisis, and the measures taken by governments to deal with the pandemic around the world have subsequently impacted Transdev Group’s results in 2020.


Revenues, down 9% compared to 2019, amounted to € 6.75 billion. The negative impact on operating profit related to COVID-19 (after considering the support measures taken by States and local authorities) was € 285 million. Thanks to the savings measures and disposals carried out in 2020, the Group's net loss was contained at € 109 million. In addition, Transdev reduced its net debt by € 558 million compared to 2019, to € 1.3 billion, while continuing to invest € 721 million (+9% compared to 2019).

In an unprecedented crisis, Transdev has demonstrated its ability to adapt quickly to client needs, to provide consistent service quality while ensuring the safety of passengers and employees. Transdev will continue to support local authorities in their public transportation development projects in favor of ecological transition, social equity and the revitalization of their regions.

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Transdev Group had closed fiscal year 2019 in good health, and ahead of its transformation and strategic refocusing plan. This transformation plan continued in 2020 through major asset disposals.

The spread of the pandemic and the direct impact on its activity led Transdev Group to take exceptional measures to limit losses, preserve financial flexibility and ensure its ability to bounce back. The measures have notably resulted in:

  • Reinforced cooperation with local authorities and business customers to adapt the offer in real time;
  • An investment plan maintained at € 721 million, with priority given to energy and digital transition projects;
  •  Reorganization of the activities most affected by the health crisis;
  • Implementation of cost-savings and cost control plans;
  • Accelerated strategic refocusing with disposals for € 138 million;
  • Continued commercial development.

Transdev's transformation continued during a difficult year for public transportation operators and local authorities. We have had to adapt and, in this context, Transdev has shown that it benefits from a solid organization and committed employees. This crisis and the associated recovery plans must collectively encourage us to continue and accelerate our energy transition by continuing to develop offers that are a real alternative to the private car for all territories and pursuing the green conversion of our vehicle fleets.

Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of the Transdev Group

A quick adaptation and efficient responses to the COVID-19 crisis

Over the period March-December 2020, ridership on public transportation networks operated by Transdev in 17 countries declined overall by around 46%, while the offer was reduced by around 12%, with very different situations.
To face this unprecedented situation in public transportation worldwide, Transdev Group has implemented concrete measures in agreement with health authorities and clients as well as action plans in all its networks around the world in order to:

  • manage and operate its networks in exceptional circumstances;
  • ensure a safe operation, particularly in terms of sanitary measures;
  • adapt the offer to new constraints.

Transdev Group has also deployed an emergency plan to limit its losses and to control all its costs even more stringently, while maintaining the necessary investments in favor of its clients and improving service quality.

Sustained commercial development

Transdev has continued its commercial development in all regions, the following being a summary of the most outstanding.

In France, Transdev achieved several strides with the renewal of major bus contracts in the Greater Paris region, as well as numerous bus contracts in the departments and regions for a total value of € 1.5 billion. The year 2020 was also marked by the launch of the Moovizy digital mobility service in Saint-Etienne, France’s first metropolitan MaaS (Mobility as a Service) offering, which will help guide passengers towards less polluting and more efficient mobility solutions.

Internationally, Transdev continued its development with several major high-value contracts:

  • United States: renewal of its historic contract for 330 buses in San Diego (€ 750 million) for 10 years, renewal of its bus operations in Phoenix (€ 700 million) for seven years and in Nassau County (€ 250 million) for two years.
  • In Germany: signature of a 10-year, € 200 million contract for 105 buses, including 25 electric buses, in Frankfurt am Main, and the commissioning of new electric trains by Alstom in Bavaria and Siemens for the MittelrheinBahn.
  • In the Netherlands: contract worth € 200 million over 10 years, in Gooi en Vechtstreek, and an order for 20 Solaris hydrogen-powered electric buses for South Holland.
  • In Australia: several bus contract extensions in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, with a cumulative value of € 220 million.
  • In Sweden: commercial launch of sustainable bus operations (323 buses, including 145 electric and 178 biofuel buses) in Gothenburg and new contracts worth € 1.2 billion in the Stockholm region (buses and trains).
  • In Colombia: historic € 874 million contract with TransMilenio for the operation and maintenance of 406 electric buses, starting at the end of November 2021, for a period of 15 years.
  • In Brazil: Transdev has also established a presence in Brazil, as part of the future Line 6 of the São Paulo metro, with the the signing of an 8-year technical assistance contract with the consortium led by Acciona.

During a particularly difficult year for the Group - from a human, operational and financial standpoint - we managed to win more than a billion euros in new contracts worldwide, for urban and rail networks, as well as for the energy transition. This has been made possible thanks to the commitment of all the employees of the Transdev Group.

With this sustained commercial development in all of our markets, the Group's unity around its purpose, which is to empower freedom to move every day thanks to safe, reliable and innovative solutions that serve the common good, and its strategic trajectory, will enable Transdev to emerge stronger from this crisis, to pursue its development plan serving local authorities and the millions of passengers that travel with us every day.

Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of the Transdev Group

Refocusing on B2G, consolidating our position as European leader in the energy transition and a renewed ambition in railways

Transdev continued its strategic refocusing through the active portfolio management of its activities. The group thus finalized the exit from B2C with the sale of its airport shuttle business in Sweden. At the end of 2020, B2G activity (with public authorities) represented 94% of the Group’s business and B2B 5%.

Transdev is actively leading the energy transition of its diesel bus fleets toward a fleet made up of a growing mix of biofuel, biogas, battery electric and hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles. These mobility solutions are a real alternative to private cars even in low-density areas – for the Green Deal in Europe – and throughout the world.

At the end of 2020, Transdev was operating 1,200 electric buses worldwide and continued its hydrogen and fuel-cell bus offensive during the year (France, Netherlands, Sweden and New Zealand). Active policies to support and invest in the hydrogen sector (France, Germany) provide incentives to pursue all avenues to achieve zero emissions. By the end of 2021, the fleet of electric buses operated by Transdev is expected to reach around 1,800 vehicles.

The conquest of a new strategic sector: railways

In the context of the opening up of regional railways in France to competition, Transdev is firmly positioning itself on this new market, so that the French regions and passengers can benefit from its experience and expertise acquired over more than 25 years in several markets already open to competition, notably in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and New Zealand.
The Group’s rail portfolio covers both urban and interurban regional lines as well as “small lines” providing capillary service to the regions.

Key figures at 12/31/2020

Revenues: € 6.756 billion (-€ 660 million vs. 2019)
EBITDA: € 521 million (-€ 145 million vs. 2019 of which € 211 million related to COVID-19)
EBIT: -€ 56 million (-€ 198 million vs 2019 of which -€ 286 million related to COVID-19)
Net income, group share: -€ 109 million euros
Capital expenditure: €721 million (+€ 62 million vs. 2019)
Shareholders' equity: € 902 million
Net financial debt: € 1.306 billion (-30% vs. 2019)
Employees: 83,000 in 17 countries

Presentation of the results 2020

About Transdev:

As an operator and global integrator of mobility, Transdev – The mobility company – gives people the freedom to move whenever and however they choose. We are proud to provide over 6 million passenger trips everyday thanks to efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly transportation services that connect people and communities. Our approach is rooted in long-term partnerships with businesses and public authorities, and in the relentless pursuit of the safest and most innovative mobility solutions. We are a team of people serving people, and mobility is what we do. Transdev is jointly held by Caisse des Dépôts Group (66%) and the Rethmann Group (34%). In 2020, with 83,000 employees in 17 countries, the Group generated total revenues of € 6.75 billion. For more information: www.transdev.com or download the MY Transdev app from the App Store or Google Play.

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