one payment


Transdev is supporting customers in the transformation of uses, and direct payment by bank card or Open Payment is a perfect response to this demand. Simply by presenting your credit card in front of a validator, in less than 1 second the ticket is issued. This is the ultimate seamless journey, with no waiting or detour to a point of sale.

The best fare is applied at the end of the day according to the number of trips made, with the possibility of capping at the price of the day pass. A transaction is made on the bank card account. The innovation is also based on the possibility of travelling with several people by entering the number of passengers on the screen. If necessary, a proof of payment can be retrieved on the internet.

A solution implemented on several Transdev networks

To meet the need for simple and immediate mobile purchases, Transdev has implemented SMS ticket purchases in more than 15 networks. A simple keyword sent to a short number, for example, “BUS” to 93000, and the passenger receives a ticket valid for 1 hour. When boarding, the SMS is presented to the driver, just as it is in the event of a control. The amount of the ticket is directly deducted from the telecom bill.

These two complementary solutions are an alternative to on-board purchases. They make it easier for passengers to get on and off the train, and thus improve the regularity of the lines.