Our presence in 19 countries allows us to offer our employees opportunities for mobility in every region, both in France and abroad. 

At Transdev, we have 150 different professions that strive to bring mobility to everyone. With our 12 vocational fields, we have a whole ecosystem of teams working together to build sustainable mobility that meets the community’s needs.

When you work at Transdev, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with multicultural teams, expanding our offerings with the expertise and best practices of our subsidiaries around the world.

Discover and develop our operations in Canada

Camille Boulier. Vice President Strategy, Business & Communication Transdev Canada « After eight years as Development Manager in France, I seized the opportunity to move abroad. Beyond the professional challenge, as Vice-President Strategy, Business & Communication, what really rewards me every day are the personal connections. Being part of a multicultural team, discovering new ways to collaborate, and experiencing a completely different customer relationship are still a daily challenge for me, two years after I arrived! »