What will traveling with public transit look like after the pandemic?


More remote working and reduced public transportation are some of the trends that will continue after the pandemic and which will require new thinking for public transit. This is shown by Transdev Sweden’s latest report, which summarizes the results of three surveys that the mobility company has conducted in 2020 and 2021 on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects Swedes’ work and travel habits

The fear of being infected in public transport is a new reality that the players in the industry must relate to at the same time as our travel habits have now changed with increased homework, more digital meetings and reduced public transport. Trends that pose major challenges for the industry, but which can also be seen as opportunities to rethink and think new.

Eva Tiséus, Marketing and Communications Director of Transdev Sweden

Transdev’s new report brings together the results of three panel surveys conducted in May 2020, September 2020 and January 2021 and highlights four trends that have taken shape during the pandemic and which will most likely continue even after the crisis is over. In the report, Transdev also presents proposals for the future of public transit.

Public transportation is an important part of our ability to achieve climate goals. We hope that our report can be an input to a constructive discussion in the industry so that together we can plan for a new start for the industry.

Eva Tiséus, Marketing and Communications Director of Transdev Sweden

Transdev’s conclusion is that public transit industry players need to make joint efforts to rebuild travelers’ confidence in public transportation, develop public transit based on the new habits that have now taken hold during the pandemic, and review the financing model for public transportation.

The report (in Swedish) with the trends and Transdev’s proposal for the restart of public transportation can be found on Transdev Sweden’s website, click here.

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