Transdev’s smart village shuttle in Germany opens up sparsely populated areas

Passagers et Smart Village Shuttle de Transdev en Allemagne

After the successful August 2021 launch of the flexible shuttle service « Remo » in Rendsburg in northern Germany, the time has now come to the town of Süderbrarup. Transdev subsidiary, the Rohde Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH (RVB) recently went live with the « Smart Village Shuttle ».

In the sparsely populated region in the northeast of Schleswig-Holstein, the shuttle locally known as “Smarte Dorfshuttle” is intended to help the inhabitants to be less dependent on car journeys. The system consists of two on-demand electric vehicles, which are used during the day for trips in the Süderbrarup district with 13 municipalities and around 12,000 inhabitants to 500 virtual stops.

The Smart Village Shuttle concept is a cooperative project of Smart City Amt Süderbrarup, the District of Schleswig-Flensburg and NAH.SH GmbH (the regional Public Transit Authority) to improve a demand-oriented and attractive public transportation system: a flexible mobility offer that gets its passengers to their destination easily, safely and sustainably.

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