Transdev’s purpose, more relevelant and tangible than ever


In response to major trends affecting society such as climate change, the need for more equitable regional development, breakdown of societal links, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic Transdev Group has expanded its WHY. The Raison d’Etre was elaborated and enriched through a companywide collaborative process is deeply rooted in the company’s Management Model and strategic vision.

We empower freedom to move every day with confidence, thanks to reliable and innovative solutions that serve the common good.

The WHY is now promoted internally as well as externally in a communication campaign called “Nothing’s changed – Everything’s changed” acknowledging the new reality, or the new normal if you so will, that we are all experiencing post-COVID-19. This material has been inspired by 3 complementary insights: the Group’s commitment to the PTAs which is reinforced by the WHY, the focus on the enthusiasm of our teams, as well as the support of our passengers on a daily basis, encapsulated by the CARE, SHARE and DARE verbs which support our strategic transformation.

The core message is of course that Transdev’s employees around the world are still here enabling you to move when you need to, and that we as a Group are still committed to the goals and aspirations of our clients and the communities we serve. In this regard nothing’s changed.

However, the COVID-19 crisis has reinforced our ambition to provide accessible, safe and sustainable mobility. Our lives have forever been changed and with it so has public transportation requiring us to adapt to provide innovative and reliable services that serve the common good. So, in a sense, everything’s changed, and people of Transdev are real Mobility Change Makers.

To learn more about our WHY, watch the video below:

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